Welcome to the authentic and beautiful Hotel Møen, where we offer accommodation, parties, dinner and good drops for the palate. We offer an authentic and cultural experience, but also a taste experience beyond the usual. 


We have secured a re-creation of the classic provincial town hotel Hotel Møen, which today still welcomes you in authentic surroundings and offers a fantastic dinner. 

Experience our gem here on the site or stop by… 



The project 'A journey into the past - a re-creation of the unique, historic courtyard environment at Hotel Møen in Stege' has strengthened Hotel Møen, as a company and cultural environment by exploiting development potential in the hotel's authentic courtyard.
The project is supported by LAG Sydsjælland / The European Agricultural Fund, Fanefjord Sparekasse's Fund, Vanførefonden and Vordingborg Municipality's Accessibility Fund.