NOTE! TUESDAY MARKETS (05.07 / 12.07 / 19.07 / 26.07 / 02.08). Here it is not possible to make table reservations for the lunch service.


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Overnight in the most amazing surroundings - in the middle of the city but quiet at night - and close to beautiful nature

We offer accommodation at Hotel Møen, which today is run as a Bed & Breakfast. The name is a relic from ancient times that we want to keep, but you should not fear many other visitors, noise or a stressed staff. 

We focus on creating the perfect atmosphere with our visitors, where there is peace to get down in gear, and space to enjoy the sun and a glass of white wine in our fantastic farm environment. We give you a holiday where the city is right outside the hotel doors, but the noise from there is close to non-existent.

Our many facilities are authentic, but of course they live up to the modern standard. You also have the opportunity to buy breakfast for your stay for only DKK 125 per person. person as well as to book a table in the restaurant for both lunch and dinner. 

We offer an intimate stay in the middle of the market town of Stege - without noise at night and close to beautiful nature for only DKK 695 for a double room (whether you are one or two people). 

Welcome to Hotel Møen
Read more about our rooms here. 

Overnight in Stege's fantastic surroundings. We provide cozy rooms, a delicious farm environment and an exquisite menu in the restaurant.