Friday 02 December 2022 we will be closed all day in our restaurant due to companies. On Saturday 03 December 2022, we will be closed for lunch in our restaurant, but will open at 18.00 for the evening service.
We will be closed for Christmas from Thursday 22 December 2022 to and including Monday 26 December 2022 in our restaurant.

Practical information

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There must be room for all of us…

We therefore draw the attention of residents and visitors to Hotel Møen to the fact that pets are not allowed in the hotel or restaurant. However, pets are allowed in our farm environment, unless they are a nuisance to other guests. 

Smoking is not allowed in the hotel, in the rooms or in our living room. However, smoking is allowed in our courtyard environment, provided it is not a nuisance to other guests. 

It is only possible to park in front of the hotel at two-hour intervals Monday - Saturday. We therefore refer to the map below for free long-term parking. 

Remember that our name is a relic from ancient times that we want to preserve. This is today a Bed & Breakfast and restaurant. 

 Our B&B is intimate and cozy. We can therefore not avoid getting to know each other. Therefore, show consideration for your neighbor.