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Is the dream to keep company in our surroundings? So let's make the dream come true together…

Hotel Møen is the place for any party, wedding, christening, birthdays, funeral, etc. In collaboration with you, we create the surroundings for your company.

We provide service, servicing staff, decorations and a tailor-made menu with accompanying wine menu. Do you have specific wishes for the menu or should we take allergens into account, please let us know. We do our utmost to accommodate your wishes. 

The small living room is suitable for smaller parties of approx. 12-14 people, where the coziness emerges.

The large living room is suitable for slightly larger parties, where there is room for approx. 40 people. It is possible to gather the family and have some nice hours together.

It is also possible to combine the two living rooms for slightly larger parties of approx. 55 people. However, this will mean that the company will be divided into two premises, but still have the opportunity to be close together. 

The cigar box is a small party room suitable for parties of approx. 30 people, as well as various meetings as you retire from the restaurant's other guests.

Find further information on Facebook "Hotel Møen", where we regularly write about our activities.

Smoking always takes place outdoors, and is not allowed in our function rooms. The company can be repatriated if they are a nuisance to other guests or do not comply with current guidelines. Claims may be made if service, premises or other interiors are damaged by the company's guests. 

Hotel Moen is the perfect location to hold weddings, confirmations, christenings or round birthdays. We take into account everything that helps to ensure the good party.