Herringbone route

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City walk in Stege: The local history must of course be led by the herrings

The Herring Route is the nationally known city walk, which takes you through the old Danish market town of Stege on Møn. The route is called the Herring Route because the herring fishery excelled in Stege's heyday, which was in the years 1430 - 1530.

The herring fishery, which took place in the Møn waters, resulted in Møn's stalls in the fishermen's market in Falsterbo and Skanør eventually accounting for as much as 33.3% of Denmark's herring stalls.

Therefore, you will also experience that Møn's oldest seal bears the image of a herring, but that this has over time been expanded to three herring, which today constitute Møn's county mark. It is therefore natural for the inhabitants of Møn that the local history must of course be guided by the herrings.

The route consists of 30 herring marks and Lendemarke, and it guides you through Stege's beautiful streets, which are idyllically painted with half-timbered houses, fantastic nature and nothing less than Hotel Møen.

If you therefore step out of the doors of Hotel Møen after a restful night's sleep and a fantastic breakfast, then you are already on the herring route. However, we are happy to guide you back to the start, so you get the whole experience of Stege, Møn and Mønboerne.

The herring route leads past Hotel Møen, which can of course serve food and drink before the trip continues again.